Education is an integral part of our progress, both on a mental level and on improving our physical fitness and a deeper understanding of our movement.

Our top former tennis player, and current coach of Roger Federer, Ivan Ljubičić will hold education on competitive tennis, on 6th April. The transition from junior tennis to professionalism is a path on which a tennis player stands out if he takes care of the details in his work, engagement, and the work of his entire team.

Along with him, the education will be completed by Dario Novak, from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, will bring closer the answers to questions about problems and (in) possible solutions in working with young tennis players. How to prevent the loss of interest in sports at a young age, how to make it interesting, challenging, and with as much play in it as possible? Find out right at the training.

The goal of education is to improve focus, control emotions and motivation.


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